Hi! I'm Sam,

Welcome to my blog! First of all, I am not a Trading Guru. I am not here to teach you about the Holy Grail of trading or give you the perfect trading system that will instantly make you a millionaire or so. I am just passionate about trading and  I have decided to create this blog to inspire, motivate and help beginning traders learn how to trade the Forex market.

When I begin trading, I was not able to search for a blog specially dedicated to inspire and motivate beginning traders. Although there are websites such as investopedia.org and babypips.com, these websites only offer information, not inspiration. I hope to inspire a lot of beginning traders to stay motivated every day and keep on trading despite the challenges and difficulties in learning how to trade the Forex market. 

Enjoy trading every day and eventually, you will be able to achieve your dream of becoming a successful trader.

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