Thursday, August 23, 2018

Trading Motivation 2: Failure Is Inevitable But Success Will Be Evident

Failure is inevitable but success will be evident. Forex Trading Motivation

"Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed." 
- Robert Kiyosaki

When babies start to learn to walk, they don't mind falling several times. They will surely get up as soon as they stumble down. They don't even show any hint of weakness as if they had not fallen a hundred times already. They always have the courage to get back up and start trying to walk again even if they don't know when will they be able to walk straight. They already know what it takes to be successful. In fact, as they learn how to walk, they already achieved their first success.

Everyone has gone through this stage. Every person has already succeeded in life.  But somehow there are still a lot of people are afraid to fail. How come as we grew older, we fail to realize that we already are a success?

A Negative Belief That Would Hinder One's Growth

As babies grow and become a toddler, they become very curious and try to explore everything about their environment. Parents will try to stop these little wandering machines due to they still know little things that may cause them harm. For example, a baby will try to reach a glass of water on top of a table by climbing on a chair but parents will try to stop this baby so he or she may never get harmed.

But every time a parent will try to stop a toddler to explore something, it causes to leave a negative impression on him/her that exploring unknown things will be dangerous and it might hurt them as well. Unknown to the parent, this memory will be planted deep into the toddler's subconscious mind. As the toddler grows up, this memory will become a foundation of a belief.

A negative belief that will be hard for a person to eradicate since it is deeply rooted in their subconscious mind. Such beliefs are close-mindedness, narrow-mindedness, stubbornness, judgemental and such alike. I recall a story about a frog who lived inside a deep well, he's very happy and satisfied living in it. He thought that his world is the best and he would convince every passerby to come into his beautiful world. But every passerby would tell him that the outside world is larger but he refused to believe them.

His stubbornness would irritated every passerby and would never pass that well again. Until one day, a new passing bird got irritated with him. He flew down deep into the well and lifted him up into the sky and finally the frog saw how vast the world is. He never knew that a river would be so long and the ocean so wide. Such are people who have negative beliefs. They would stop learning because they have failed at some point in their lives. They are very afraid to fail over and over because they don't want to leave their comfortable lives.

They think that if they try to do something beyond their comfort zone is very risky. They will get to hurt themselves and people will ridicule them. Bold people such as you and me are different. We are willing to sacrifice a comfortable life for a difficult one in order to pursue our destiny. We are destined to be great. In fact, God has created mankind in his likeness. He has given us all the talents in order for us to be great and successful. We just need to realize it.

Bold Ones Are Not Afraid Of Failing

As traders, we are facing a lot of challenges in order to become a consistently profitable one. We face difficulties such as losing streaks, revenge trading, being tempted to trade without a planned trade, unable to follow your money management, jumping from one system to another and staying on a drawdown for a long period of time. But at the end of a difficult day, we are able to finish strong and continue our journey to be a successful trader.

Never stop learning, as someone who never stops learning is like a young flower blossoming but someone who stops learning is like an old flower who is wilting. If you are afraid of doing something in order to improve your life and live outside your comfort zone then stay being comfortable and live a mediocre life. But if you want to live a better life and earn financial freedom then prepare for a difficult life because failure will be inevitable but your success will be evident. Just keep on learning...

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