Friday, May 18, 2018

The first step in becoming a successful trader

        So, you have decided to become a trader? Then the first step you have to do is to decide from now on that you are a successful trader. Don't just enter any trade able market and decide that you will be just a normal trader. If you think of that way then you will be like most of the 95% of traders that are just trading the markets, losing and giving away money to the 5% successful trader ( who in the first time that they entered the markets thought that they will be a consistent successful trader).

I want you to set your mind first. The moment the enter this market, you must always think that you are the best trader in the world! You have to burn down all your bridges. Because if you think of this way, then there's no turning back. The only way you can go is to move forward in order for you to succeed. 

Why am I telling you this right now? Because trading is the most difficult profession in the world. It is the riskiest investment and business in the world. A lot of people who had tried trading the markets and have wipe out millions and billions of dollars in their account. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to be in the business. You will probably wipe out your accounts several times in order for you to learn to trade or maybe just give up during the process because you will realize that trading, maybe is not for you.

The moment you enter the markets, you will feel like a gladiator fighting for your life in an arena full of speculators. You will need to battle hardships, your own thoughts and skeptics around you. And you must survive in order for you to stay alive and become one of the only people who have the courage and strength to survive the challenges.

My friend if you are going to be a trader don't settle for mediocrity because I tell you, you will not survive if you think you just want to learn to trade. Every successful people became successful because they think of themselves like one. If you don't think like one, then think again maybe trading is not for you.

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