Friday, May 18, 2018

Buy trading books

       So you have decided to become a successful trader. Good job! I congratulate you on your courage to become one! Now that you have decided, the second step to becoming a successful trader is to buy books! Yes, buying books! Not just any book about finances, it should be books about trading. You will be devouring a lot of books because you need it to become a successful trader. During the process of your learning about the markets, most of the time you will be reading books. If you don't read a lot, I recommend that you have to make it a habit.

I have started as a stock trader and have read a lot of books about how to trade stocks. Most of the books I've read are not just about trading the stock market, it has incorporated the general market. Markets that are tradeable like the stocks, Forex, futures, bonds and etc. I recommend reading books about candlesticks and technical analysis since you will be deciphering the price action in the charts with candlesticks most of the time. 

Money management is also a key concept, some of the beginner's book will tackle this subject a bit. The most important books you have to read are books about trading psychology. Since 60% of your trading is all about psychology, 30% is money management and only 10% is about your technical skills. I have set up a page for my recommended books. You can check it out here on this link.

Oh, I almost forgot! You can also learn how to trade Forex for free online! There are a lot of free websites to learn from but I recommend and If you don't have the finances yet to buy books then you can check these awesome websites. You will learn a lot for sure.


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